The Power of Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone is something we know we should do – but look, is it scary.

Challenging yourself to take uncomfortable steps is vital to personal and professional growth. I’ll give you five reasons why it’s important to live outside of your comfort zone, and why you should take full advantage of this.

1. Leaving Your Comfort Zone Gets You “Unstuck”

Do you feel like you’re never quite advancing in your career and life? The chances are you’re not pushing the boundaries enough. The possibilities are endless when we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and discover what is possible.

2. Failure is Empowering

That’s right, we said it. Failure doesn’t have to be a humiliating thing that discourages us. In fact, failure can strengthen our resilience and make us more determined than ever before.

When you push yourself outside your comfort zone, there will be failures. But the more you fail, the more you’ll realize there’s nothing to be afraid of.

3. Change is Inevitable

Even if you keep doing what you’re doing, things are eventually going to change. If you’re practiced in constantly expanding your comfort zone, you’ll be able to handle that change with more positivity and strength.

4. You’re More Capable Than You Think You Are

Each one of us has inner resources that we stop using when we settle for routine.

When you take a leap of faith into the unknown, you’ll start to remember those talents and capabilities. Putting them to good use will build your self-confidence and your life skills. 

5. Get Ready For Your Destiny

When we stay stuck in day to day patterns that are comfortable to us, we’re missing out on essential experiences that have the potential to shape who we are.

There is no doubt that taking a bold step in the direction of your goal might change your life in ways that you had never imagined if you did not take that step. It could change everything.

🟢 How to Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you’re starting to experiment with leaving your comfort zone, the best idea is to start small. Take a different route to work, Change up your diet and add new foods into the mix. Set exciting personal and professional goals and take your first steps towards them.

🟢 Dare to Try Something Uncomfortable

The cool thing is about comfort zones is that they expand. As we challenge ourselves to move beyond the ordinary, we become familiar with the uncomfortable… Until the things that once terrified you aren’t so scary anymore.

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